Thursday, March 8, 2012

Glam Magazine - January 2012.

DOWNLOAD: Glam Magazine - January 2012.

Glam Magazine - January 2012.

Glam Magazine - January 2012
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The excitement of a new year heralds new hopes, dreams and all that jazz. So, grant that like us, you've promised to trench the junk food and opt instead of a healthier lifestyle, make sure you damper out Nicole Van Hattem's tips forward how to stay on track in 2012. We collect local lady Jenny Schoenmann to commit to memory the juice on her impressive career beautifying the likes of Brad Pitt and Tom Jones; and too catch up with Image Consultant Elisabete Reis who reveals in what manner to stay in style. There's a hap more packed into the issue in such a manner you'll just have to read on for the juice. Wishing you a in fashion and successful New Year...

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